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A girl offered me pics of her boobs

Thursday 10th Mar 2022

I saw a slug chewing on a cigarette at the bus stop today. It made me think if slugs and things like that can get addicted to things. Maybe that slug goes round looking for cigarettes to chew on now because he’s hooked. Doesn’t seem too odd to me.

I remember when my mate and I were walking home from school and he found an unused cigarette on the floor. He went back to his house and got one of those lighters you use to light birthday cake candles. He lit the cigarette and smoked it to see what it was like. It only stayed lit for about 3 seconds because it was damp. I didn’t smoke it because I was scared of lung cancer. We then chucked it in his fishpond for the fish to eat. Those fish are probably all dead now.

Our form room was temporarily changed because teachers were having a meeting in our usual one. It had been changed to the food room instead. We decided to set all the timers on the ovens to 2 hours and 25 mins. We wanted all the ovens to go off in the middle of a lesson for a laugh.

I asked Rob if slugs could get addicted to things like cigarettes and he said they most likely could. I asked him if I could keep a slug in a cage for a week and only feed it cigarettes. After the week, I’d switch it back to lettuce and see if it showed symptoms of withdrawal or something. I just think it’d be funny to watch a slug go mental. He said that if I fed it cigarettes for a week, it’d probably die. I googled if slugs could get addicted to things and the first thing that came up was talking about tobacco. Maybe slugs just love cigarettes. I don’t know though because I couldn’t be bothered to read it.

I had the EastEnders song stuck in my head for the entire skills lesson. I think that is possibly the most annoying song to have stuck in your head.

I stepped in yogurt while walking to maths. I was grumpy for the whole lesson.

Apparently, all girls have a sort of hand fetish. This means they all like veiny hands. I don’t have very veiny hands, but I do have big hands. Girls must like that because it means I also have big fingers.

A girl offered to show me pictures of her boobs. I tried to be respectful and said no thank you. I regret saying that now. If a girl offers to show you her boobs, say yes. Don’t make the same mistakes as me.

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