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He probably sits at home alone covered in tin foil

Saturday 23rd April 2022

We’re going home today. Well…we’re starting the trip home today. You know how long it took last time.

We packed all our stuff and left for the ferry. The ferry journey was alright. I fell asleep for the majority of it. We then got on the road again afterwards.

I noticed someone had sprayed messages on road signs saying about how the Coronavirus was made up by the government. I imagine that guy to be the type of bloke to sit at home on his own and dressed entirely in tin foil and surrounded by crucifixes. You know they’re not a smart person when they try to get their message across to people by graffitiing it on road signs in the mountains. That’s probably the worst place to spray them because no one goes down that road. He really isn’t smart.

We stopped off at a public bathroom. Public bathrooms are probably the scariest place on Earth. Not only because there was some old man crying in one of the stalls for some unknown reason, but that the stall I was in had no toilet paper.

We arrived at the hotel we’ll be staying at for the night. It’s the haunted place we stayed at before. I survived last time, so I should be alright. I also survived that bathroom, so maybe I can survive anything. Although, if this diary does end abruptly, you can get a good guess why. I don’t really care about being killed by a ghost though because my arse hurts too much for me to care about anything and I’m absolutely shattered. I’ve been sitting down for about 14 hours today. Fucking ridiculous!

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