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His grandad had cremated it without them knowing.

Wednesday 23rd Mar 2022

It’s actually a warm and sunny day today. That’s a miracle considering I’m in England.

Had PE. It was fucking boiling. My friend fell over and hurt her hand, so she asked the teacher for a plaster. The plaster she was given had a picture of The Muppets on it. If my plaster had a picture of The Muppets on it, I’d start feeling better instantly. I love The Muppets.

My mate told me a story in art about how someone climbed through his cat flap. He got really scared because apparently a paedophile had recently escaped from prison or something. Turned out it was just his neighbor’s dog that came through the cat flap and not some nonce. He told me he had to break into his neighbor’s house to return their dog. Don’t know if I believe that bit.

Saw a butterfly at lunch. Edward asked me what came first between the butterfly and butter because he was curious what got named first. I said “I don’t know” in a way that suggested to him that I didn’t really care.

Because it’s a nice and sunny day, I decided to lay in the sun. I was enjoying it until I got a ball kicked at my head. I can’t enjoy anything.

My maths teacher is pregnant. She recently found out the gender of her baby. One of the girls baked a gender reveal cake. It was a girl. We all cheered and congratulated her. If I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t really care what gender her baby was, but the cake was nice.

In science, Noah told me a story about how he went on holiday to Greece and when he got back, his dog was ash. His grandad had cremated it without them knowing. Apparently, it had a heart attack or something. Noah has absolutely shit luck with animals. He told me about the time he watched his cat get hit by a truck. That’s not a surprise though, most cats get hit by a truck.

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