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I got scared by my own reflection

Friday 29th April 2022

I ate an insect this morning. It flew into my face and fell into my face mask (I wear a face mask on the bus because of COVID). I thought it fell out, but when I got on the bus, I realised that wasn’t the case. I didn’t want to pluck it out my face mask because I didn’t want people looking at me and thinking why I just pulled an insect out of my mask. That would be some sort of weird magic trick. Anyway, I didn’t want people thinking I’m weird, so I ate it. It was bigger than I thought. It took about 5 chews to finish, and I could still feel it in my throat after.

In form, Rob told me he doesn’t understand why people care so much about what others think about them. I said it’s funny he said that because that’s the reason I ate the insect.

I got scared by my own reflection. I was going to open one of those glass doors and I saw my reflection and thought I was going to walk into someone when I opened the door. It was just my reflection though.

I told my mates about swallowing the insect. I said I was worried because my stomach feels funny, and I saw a video the other day about a guy who died from eating a slug. They told me a story about a woman who also swallowed a fly, so she also swallowed a spider to kill the fly, a bird to kill the spider, a cat to kill the bird, a dog to kill the cat and so on. I wonder if that woman was Chinese. They would eat all that stuff.

I came up with a really funny joke about my bank password, but I can’t tell you it because it involves you knowing my bank password. What a shame.

I got a 3-day long weekend because it’s a bank holiday Monday. That means I’ll have nothing to write about on Monday either then.

I don’t feel all that bad about the insect anymore, so that’s good.

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