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I’m not going to continue this diary anymore.

Friday 1st April 2022

I’m not going to continue this diary anymore. No more poems, no nothing. I can’t be bothered.

Just kidding, April Fools’ Day bitch!

I was planning on pranking Edward by telling him it was home clothes day, so he would be the only one to come in wearing home clothes. Never got round to it though.

In form, we did a quiz. We do a quiz every Friday. I was in last week’s quiz remember? I assumed that all of the questions were going to be trick questions because it’s April Fool’s Day. The first question was “What’s the largest lake in Africa?” I put that it was a trick question because Africa doesn’t have any lakes because there’s no water there. Turns out I was wrong, and they actually do.

We were given a voting thing where you vote who gets the award for funniest person in the year, or best couple, or biggest chatterbox or something. I hope I get voted as funniest person. I tried voting myself for that one to try and increase my bets. Everyone else probably tried the same thing for that one though. Everyone thinks they’re way funnier than they actually are. Michael is a good example. He thinks he’s hilarious, but he’s actually just a knobhead.

At break, I saw a kid on his phone. He was on YouTube. I caught a glimpse of his recommended. I saw a video titled “Condom taste tier list”. I wish I never looked.

In science, there were these two guys high on drugs. They told me it was acid or something. They were being pricks and stealing my stuff and throwing it about. I got sick of them and called them knobheads. The teacher overheard me and sent me outside. She asked what’s going on. I said those guys were high on drugs and they were pissing me off. The next lesson, they got taken out of our lesson by the deputy head. Their friend leaned into me and whispered that if they are in deep trouble because of what I told the teacher, I was going to get the shit kicked out of me. He called me a “snitch”. He said if I was lucky, I’d only get a broken nose. That doesn’t sound too fun. It’s not my fault they were doing drugs in school. Don’t complain to me if your friends are retards.

I was quite scared to be honest with you. That group of friends are quite violent. They’re all drug addicts too. They were talking about doing cocaine recently. I guess those videos they show us in PSHE really don’t do much.

I spent my entire lunchtime hiding from them so that I didn’t get beaten up.

I wonder what will happen on Monday about all this then. Maybe they’ll do more drugs and forget about it or something.

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