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I made sure to keep my mouth closed.

Tuesday 12th April 2022

My brother told me a science fact today. He said that when someone farts, that’s their shit molecules going in your nose when you smell it. He then farted on me after he told me that. I made sure to keep my mouth closed.

I kinda want to dig up my dead hamsters to see what they look like. They died 5 years ago, so they’d probably be all bones now. I think it’d be pretty interesting. You know what I mean?

I’m finally getting a haircut tomorrow. I’ve been moaning about that for ages. Everyone at school has been making fun of me for looking like an idiot, so that’ll be problem solved. Actually, no it won’t. Everyone always harasses you when you get a haircut and always comment on it. Every lesson you go to, you’ll get people saying “You got a haircut” as though I didn’t know. You don’t need to tell me when I’ve had a haircut. I used to get people saying I look like Willy Wonka, I probably still will because it’s gonna be a curly mess no matter what. I guess it’ll just neaten it up a bit.

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