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I played the Ghostbusters theme to scare the ghosts off

Sunday 24th April 2022

I didn’t get eaten by a demon again. I had the Ghostbusters theme song playing the whole night on loop to try and scare them off, so that could be why.

We got up early and went for breakfast. I had some little pastries. There was an old posh lady sitting on the opposite side of the room staring at me. She sort of reminded me of my English teacher.

We got back on the road again. This journey will be much shorter than yesterday’s because we’re no longer in Scotland, so it’s mainly motorways form here on. Scotland is mostly slow moving and bendy roads.

After about five hours of arse ache, we arrived home. Finally. I got school again tomorrow, so I need to pack my bag and all that.

We ordered my prom outfit. I ordered a black suit with a bow tie.

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