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I put the skull in my sandcastle bucket

Tuesday 19th April 2022

We went for a drive today just to have a look around. I’ve seen a lot of wind turbines. Makes sense, Scotland is probably the best place to put them because it’s windy as shit here. I tried going for a walk the other day when it was windy. Terrible idea. It was blowing tiny droplets of rain into my face at very high speed. It felt like bullets.

We drove into town. It basically looked like if Birmingham was by the sea. That’s the best description I can give of the place. We went there to buy me a wetsuit so I can go in the sea.

On the way back, I saw a sheep with a really long neck. It looked like a giraffe with wool.

When we got back, I put my wetsuit on and went straight to the beach. There was only one issue: I’m shit scared of the water. My parents blame it on the fact I watched Jaws, but I disagree because the movie Jaws actually made me feel better about the water. They killed the shark in the end didn’t they. My fear of the water is so bad that I struggle to close my eyes in the shower.

The water was fucking freezing. I decided I was fed up after about 10 minutes, so I went to go play about in the sand dunes near the cliff edge instead. While building sandcastles, I noticed a small bone on the slope at the bottom of the cliff. I thought I’d investigate because there are probably other bones because I’ve never seen an animal with just one big bone. Guess what I found at the top of the slope. A sheep skull. I told you I’d find bones at the beach! The sheep must have fallen from the cliff and died. Dunno where the rest of the sheep was though. It was just a thigh bone and a skull. I thought they’d look good in my room on top of my Ouija board, so I put the skull in my sandcastle bucket and took it back to the house.

I think it would be funny to bring it into school to show those crystal healing girls and tell them it’s a cursed object or something to scare them. It’s got horns, so they’d probably think it’s extra evil.

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