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It could be a Home Alone trap

Sunday 17th April 2022

It’s Easter today. I would be happy about that, but I’m in a bad mood because I’ve got a headache. Probably from all that gin I had last night. I knew it was a bad idea.

Thought I’d make myself a cup of tea. I poured the water in the cup and waited for it to brew. I waited about 10 minutes before I realised I forgot to put the tea bag in.

We did an Easter egg hunt around the house. My little sister found an old Skittle in one of the cupboards and thought it was a really well-hidden Easter egg. I had to tell her to bin it because if she ate it, she’d get ill. God knows how long that’s been sat there.

There is a step in the holiday home that’s in between the kitchen and the living room. They had put a caution sign that they had made from laminated paper on the floor next to the step. I think I am more likely to slip on a small bit of laminated paper than on a step. Do you know how slippery laminated paper is when on a smooth surface? Very is the answer. It’s like a game of ice hockey.

It could be a Home Alone trap. Just put some laminated paper on the floor. That’s like double danger as well because of where they put it. You slip on the paper and then fall down the step.

It’s a miserable and rainy day today, so I just stayed inside and watched a documentary on Hitler’s genitals. It said that he only had one bollock and deformed genitals. I already knew all that, but I just saw it on Netflix and thought why not.

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