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It looked like a giant bird shat on my buildings.

Wednesday 30th Mar 2022

Talked to my brother about wanting a fedora. He told me not to get one because he said a fedora is a paedophile hat. He says the only people that wear them are nonces. A bit awkward then because I think it would suit me.

My PE teacher encouraged me to do some revision during PE because I never participate. I asked them if I’m allowed my phone to do some science quizzes because that’s the only sort of revision I’m good at. They said I’m not allowed on my phone because of school rules. Don’t see why I’m not allowed my phone if I’m only using it for revision. Stupid rule. Guess I’ll just watch everyone else play basketball instead.

A girl came up to me and asked me if I could tell her a story because she was bored and I’m always telling people stories. I told her about the time I went to a bowling alley that was filled with crackheads. She loved it. She then stood up and leaned in front of me to watch the people play basketball. I was trying really hard not to stare at her arse.

Talked to my fat friend. I asked him about how he jumps in swimming pools. I asked him if it’s possible for him to do a pencil jump, or can he only do a cannonball?

Art was weird. We had to work on our texture project. I chose to do a cityscape painting using thick black lines. The girl opposite me completely copied my idea. She literally did exactly the same thing I did. That’s not the annoying bit. The annoying thing was she did it better than me.

I tried using a palette knife to scrape the paint on for the buildings. I couldn’t find one, so I ended up scraping the paint on with the edge of my ruler instead. My ruler ended up covered in black acrylic paint. It looked like I’d shoved it up my arse. That’s the same ruler I use for everything, so I might get some weird looks.

I tried experimenting with adding some white highlights, but the paint was still wet, so it just ended up smearing everywhere. It looked like a giant bird shat on my buildings. I’m rubbish at art.

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