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Mum called me a retard because I was making weird noises.

Sunday 20th Feb 2022

Saw a video of how bad the storm is by the sea. I hope all the seagulls die. That’s what they get for shitting on me every day. Don’t even know what they’re doing over here anyway. We live nowhere near the sea. Pack it in seagulls, go home.

Saw the electricians walking down the road. I felt so relieved. I hate not being able to…well…do anything really. We rely on electricity nowadays.

Finally, the power got switched back on. The first thing I did was go and have a warm shower. I never realised how cold my feet were until I felt warm water. When I got out the shower, it felt like I had just stepped into Antarctica. The water had warmed up, but the house hadn’t.

When I opened the freezer, a bunch of water came spilling out because the ice had melted. We have the freezer positioned next to where my mum does the ironing, so all the piles of clothes on the floor got soaked.

All the ice-lollies were melted as well. They weren’t fully melted though, so we put them in a cup and had a slushie.

All the clothes that were left in the washing machine are now mouldy. They never got dried, so I guess that’s what happens when you leave something in a warm and damp place.

Mum called me a retard because I was making weird noises.

I wonder if my diary will ever get famous like Anne Frank’s or something like that. I reckon my life is pretty interesting. I think it would make a pretty good TV show. I’ll kill myself if they put a laughter track to it though. I hate it when they do that.

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