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One of my mates started chatting up the invigilator.

Thursday 28th April 2022

My shoes for prom arrived. They look nothing like the picture. These have massive pointy toes. They look like elf shoes. The picture made them look normal.

Got my 2nd half of my GCSE art exam today. I’ve already finished, so I might just work on my sketchbook instead.

We had to wait like 15 minutes before the exam because people hadn’t shown up yet. My mates thought it’d be a good idea to kick a football about in the pottery room. It wasn’t. They then had the great idea to put the football on the potter’s wheel and watch it fly off. Another bad idea: I’m sure you can imagine why.

The exam was going to start soon, so we all left the pottery room acting like nothing ever happened.

The exam invigilator we have today looks half dead. She looks fucking ancient. I reckon she saw the pyramids being built.

We were all sitting in silence. That was until the fat kid sneezed and it scared the shit out of everyone. Even the teacher jumped. He then pulled out a family size bag of crisps and started munching on them. I don’t think it was a good idea for them to allow snacks in the art exam.

The teacher goes round handing out biscuits every now and then. I saw the fat kid take two.

The bloke sitting next to me keeps swearing at me. I dunno why; I’ve done nothing to him. I even cleaned out his water pot and gave him some of my own paints and he still seems moody. He’s like that all the time though and he’s probably stressed about the exam.

They have magazines in the art room. I think they have them so students can cut out bits for collages or something. They had a women’s fashion magazine, so you already know I had a look through that one first. Indeed, there were images. I got bored with it after about 10 minutes though and I noticed they had a ghost magazine that looked way more interesting.

I tried passing notes to the guy sitting next to me to strike up a conversation. He just scrunched them up and put them in the water pot. I guess I won’t try that again then.

Someone whipped out a hairdryer and started drying their work. Brilliant, now I have some fat kid munching on crisps and some idiot with a hairdryer.

I got some blue acrylic paint on my black school jumper. They say acrylic paint doesn’t come out, so I had the genius idea to paint over the acrylic paint with more acrylic paint that blends in with my jumper. It looks good as new. Except that bit of my jumper just looks a bit shiny now.

One of my mates started chatting up the invigilator. Dunno what he was saying, but it looked like sparks were flying. I know he gets no girls, so I wouldn’t put it past him. To be fair to him though, she might have looked good…in dinosaur times. I think he tried shooting his shot 65 million years too late.

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