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Pushed on a pull door this morning. I want to die.

Wednesday 9th Feb 2022

I pushed on a pull door this morning. I want to die.

Sat next to a girl with a broken leg in PE today. She said she’d rather do PE with a broken leg than sit next to me. The sad bit was they were playing football. Kinda hurt.

At break Edward pulled out a tin of SPAM. I said we should heat it up in a microwave. I thought it’d be funny if we heated it up in the tin. I’d forgot metal and microwaves don’t mix. That’s all I have to say about that.

Had my COVID vaccine today. Conveniently I was wearing a long sleeve shirt. Had to take off my top in front of all the girls so they could inject my shoulder. Lucky them. All those workouts I’ve been doing to look like Spider-Man finally paid off.

Told a funny joke in art about yogurt. Everyone laughed. I would write it down, but I can’t remember it now.

Mark keeps sneezing in my hair. I tell him to do it in his elbow, but he doesn’t listen. Now I’m glad I have the vaccine.

Spent my lunch break chasing seagulls. I didn’t get shat on once.

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