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Read an article on Uncle Fatty the monkey

Monday 18th April 2022

Got my hand stuck in a towel rack this morning. I was trying to hang a towel on it and my hand got stuck. The bad thing was that it’s one of those heated towel racks, so it burned.

It’s absolutely pissing it down today, so I don’t think I’ll get up to anything.

Thought I’d have a read through the magazines my dad bought me at the petrol station a few days ago. I read an article on Uncle Fatty the monkey. It was about a monkey named Uncle Fatty who ate himself to death. Experts say he’s dead, but they never found his body because monkeys apparently isolate themselves when they are dying because they don’t want you to see them when they’re weak. I don’t understand how they never found him because he should be the easiest to find. The president of the We Love Monkey Club said that one day he was just gone. He can’t have gone that far though. Unless he rolled away like a wheel.

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