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Sat on my balls in science. It really hurt.

Thursday 10th Feb 2022

Read an article about a baboon that escaped a research facility in Australia. Thought that was very interesting.

In skills, I set all the backgrounds on the computers to a photo of two monkeys fingering each other. I got sent outside.

Chris was telling me about how he scratched his girlfriend’s mum’s car with his wheelbarrow. What an idiot. If I’d done that I would have run away and never see her again.

I’ve got double maths today. I think Thursday is the day I look forward to the least. Nothing good ever happens on Thursdays.

A tall ginger guy was staring at me. He looked like if Post Malone didn’t have all those tattoos. I felt really uncomfortable.

In maths someone had spilt monster munch on my chair. I’m now worried I’m going to be walking around with monster munch stuck to my arse.

A girl squeezed my arm in maths. I think she was trying to be friendly, but she squeezed where I had my injection. It really hurt.

In maths we were given a question about two shops. I think it was a percentage question to do with money. One of the shops was named Brian’s Bonanza. I’ve never heard of a more stupid name for a supermarket. Maths questions are always so weird. It’s always about some bloke buying 200 watermelons or something.

I look really weird walking around with my diary in my pocket. It looks like I have a giant rectangular erection. No wonder everyone keeps staring at me.

Sat on my balls in science. It really hurt.

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