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Sequel Teaser!

Diary of an autistic teenager College years

We’re doing a sequel! The last book made me a shit tonne of money, so I thought “Why not”. They say never judge a book by its cover, which is good because I spent fuck all money on the cover design for this one as well. It’s literally the exact same, except I just stuck “College years” to the front and changed the quote. Dunno about you, but I quite like the simplistic design. It’s a bit like those found footage movies; it’s a great excuse for shitty directing. Anyway, I’m quite surprised I’ve managed to make this into a series. Didn’t Harry Potter have a hard time being published? The thing is though, I saw a book about a hippo in a paddling pool in a shop the other day, so how the fuck does that get published and Harry Potter was given a hard time? Must be rigged. I guess that’s how I’m here. Again. Welcome by the way. I dunno if you’ve read the first one… but you should. No really, you should. Not only because I get paid if you do, but because I’m certain you’ll like it. Mostly certain. Unless you hate fat jokes.


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