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Short hairy bloke poem

Tuesday 8th Feb 2022

One of the boys at the bus stop was humping the bike rack today.

Rob did a thumb war with Nat in form. Rob pulled the forbidden method and sucked his thumb so she wouldn’t want to win. Easy.

In English we had to sit in the hall and were given a lecture about the questions in the GCSEs. The sun was shining on the PowerPoint slide so we couldn’t see anything. They tried closing the blinds to fix the issue, but they were slit blinds, so the sun was still coming through because of the angle. I don’t see the point in those blinds, they only ever get half the job done. It’s like if you put curtains through a shredder. Stupid. We could only see half the presentation because of the stupidly designed blinds.

A small hairy man walked through the hall during the lecture. I was bored and decided to write a poem about a small hairy man.

“Explorers looking for Big foot. Small foot’s what I found.

Legs so shot and stubby, didn’t go very far with a single bound.

Small hairy man walking along, like an Oompa Loompa he’s singing a song.

He’ll need more than a hair net to keep all that hair under control, so much hair it made him look like a troll.

Small hairy man enjoying his day, he’s a funny looking bloke some might say.”

After writing my kayak poem, all the girls have been asking me to write them a poem. Thought it’d be funny if I wrote some short hairy bloke a poem and not them.

At break Edward brought in an old, scratched FIFA 14 disc. We played frisbee with it. It ended up landing on the roof. We had to get Joseph (the small kid) to climb on Rob’s shoulders to get it back.

A fat girl was blocking the corridor. Got told off for being late to my lesson.

At lunch we kicked around the FIFA 14 disc like it was a football. I think kicking the disc around is more fun than playing the actual game. It eventually smashed and the boys held a funeral for it.

Our history classroom is above the SEN department. We have to have the doors open to help circulate air because of Corona Virus. This meant we could hear all the noises the autistic people were making downstairs. There was this one autistic kid who was whistling the Star Wars theme the whole lesson.

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