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Some gay kid keeps squeezing my muscles

Thursday 17th Feb 2022

Had a bad dream last night. I dreamt my brother wouldn’t let me come in the kitchen because he was having sex with two girls in there. This upset me because I wanted a bagel. I told him to piss off and do it in his room because other people want to use the kitchen. One of the girls was sitting on the bar stool waiting for her turn. I don’t think that’s how a threesome works. For some reason, their dads were sitting there and watching as well. Thought it was silly they were allowed in to watch, but I can’t make my bagel. I woke up in a bad mood because I never got my bagel.

Thought I’d try to be kind this morning despite my bad mood. I let a year 7 girl sit next to me on the bus because I thought doing some good would make me less annoyed. When we had to get off the bus, she let everyone else get off the bus before us. This meant I had to wait for literally everyone else to get off the bus before I could because she wasn’t letting me. Now I’m in even more of a bad mood because of stupid year 7s.

In form the boys did a competition against the girls. We had to beat them at chucking paper balls in a bin. We absolutely shit on them. This is what winning feels like.

Saw a girl wearing a shit load of makeup. She looked like a clown. She also had drawn on eyebrows. She looked stupid. I imagine when she goes home, she has to scrape it all off with her fingernails in thick clumps. It’d take a lot to get rid of all that. It looked more like face paint than makeup.

In skills the sun was shining in my eyes. I tried closing the blinds but because we need the windows open because of COVID, the wind kept blowing the blinds forwards so that the sun could continue to blind me. When the wind did eventually suck the blinds closed, Harry pulled it back so he could blind me. Knob head.

Harry called me weird for being annoyed about not getting a bagel in a dream. He says that out of all the things to be angry about, I’m angry about not getting a bagel that doesn’t even exist. It seemed pretty real at the time.

A pretty girl walked past me. I tried to breathe in to see what she smelled like. Nothing special.

At break Joseph told me he likes hairy balls dipped in chocolate. Whatever that means. Sounds kinda gay to me.

Edward had brought in some sort of puzzle box you need a key to open. He had lost the key. We tried to pick the lock. Rob said he had maxed out his lockpicking skills in Skyrim but when he tried to pick the lock, he got the wire stuck.

Again, I was late to maths because I was faffing about with the box.

In maths, Rayan sat in glue that was on his chair. He looked stupid. Glad to see it happen to someone else this time.

Michael was trying to be funny. It didn’t work. He tries too hard to be funny. When you do that, the joke doesn’t work. Michael says something once and no one laughs. When no one laughs he assumes no one heard it so he says it again. Turns out we did hear him, and he just isn’t funny. I don’t like Michael. He’s also the type of person who laughs at his own joke when no one else is. Knob head.

Rayan is an idiot. He said Singapore was the capital of Greece.

Gen accidentally called the teacher Mum. I had a great time making fun of her.

At lunch we gave up on trying to pick the lock on the box and smashed it open on a bike rack. The box had nothing in it.

Some gay kid keeps squeezing my muscles. I can’t be bothered to tell him to piss off.

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