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Some random poem I wrote to avoid doing revision

Right, this isn't relevant to my book at all, but whatever. Thought I'd post it for a laugh.

Random poem I wrote because I was bored

Quick, yet slow: tumbling they will go

Fancy, prancy, dancy, and romancy; down the steep slope they flow

They look humble as they tumble, yet naive as they may never know

The acknowledgement of the sorrow that lies around them, above them, and below

Such a beautiful pair they make, neither could ever forsake

The tranquility that lie ahead, behind them, disrupted by the snake

Too human to avoid temptation to steal from Eden’s plentiful Earth

This is what stole them away from their mirth

Cupid was evil in his intentions: shooting curiosity and temptation with his arrow of toxins

Watching humans run wild for the sake of amusement, such terrible misusement

Love, greed, and humanity makes cowards of everyone; too weak to never know

Quick, yet slow: tumbling they will go

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