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The amount of bum sweat on my chair was insane.

Tuesday 15th Mar 2022

Today is the day my week starts to get shit. I’ve got exams. I have been doing revision, but it’s still pretty nerve-racking. Today I got maths and English. Not that bad, I guess. I’m shit at maths and alright at English.

I was up late last night doing a bit of last-minute revision. I had to watch these maths videos on a website. The woman talking you through them is the worst at explaining things and she has the most annoying voice on Earth. If scientists tried engineered the most annoying voice possible, it would come nowhere close to that woman’s voice. I got very frustrated with it. I think they should hire a comedian to do the talking on those videos, so you don’t fall asleep halfway through or shout every swear word in the dictionary at your computer. The maths was annoying already, then they add that stupid voice to the equation. Knob heads. At least try and make it remotely fun or interesting. I ended up searching for a different tutorial on YouTube. I found some Indian bloke giving a way better tutorial.

I go to a separate room for exams because I have autism, so there’s always a lot of confusion about where that place is. Everyone else has their exam in the sports hall, but I’m in some random room tucked away in the most unnoticeable place. The bad thing is they are always changing the room. The directions they give me are the worst. I always get lost. Finding the exam is more difficult than the exam itself.

The exam sucked. There were two Russian builders outside making a bunch of noise. You could hear them shouting the whole time.

I finished the exam with 30 minutes left. I attached my ruler to my pen, and it looked like a plane. The ruler being the wings and the pen being the body of the plane. Surely, I’m not the only person to have done that. Anyway, I spent the rest of the exam playing about with my imaginary plane.

When the person in charge of the exam went to the front of the room to say the exam had finished, they tripped and fell over. That was funny, so I guess the exam wasn’t all that bad. When I stood up, the amount of bum sweat on my chair was insane.

Nothing else happened in the day. I don’t think this week will be very interesting because it’s just all exams and when it’s not exams, it’s silent revision.

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