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There is an ugly bald man sitting in front of me. He looks like Charlie Brown.

Saturday 19th Feb 2022

Apparently, they won’t get the power back for a while. This means I can’t have a shower for ages. I feel like that guy with dirty hair in the restaurant yesterday.

Dad bought a camping stove and a propane tank so we can have a cup of tea. It’s also because Mum was complaining she can’t have warm water to wash her face because she’s going to a wedding today.

I have homework set online due tomorrow, but I can’t do it because I don’t want to waste the battery on my phone. I’ll go mad if I can’t listen to my music.

We went to the Oxford M40 services to get a KFC because of the oven not working. There was an advert for a vegan sweet chilli dip. It comes with a chicken meal. Don’t see the point in advertising something as vegan if it comes with chicken.

There is an ugly bald man sitting in front of me. He looks like Charlie Brown.

My little sister is complaining that her ice cream is too cold. I told her to put it to the roof of her mouth for a laugh. She got a brain freeze.

There is a pretty girl in the line for Ben and Jerry’s. She has an ugly jawline though. She looks nice from the front, but from the side she looks like a T-Rex.

My little sister has noticed me writing my diary. She thought she’d start her own. She copied what I wrote about me making her get a brain freeze, but she spelt KFC wrong. She spelled it CfS. She even put a lowercase f. No idea how you can get it that wrong.

I’m now in a bad mood because I accidentally screenshotted my home screen when trying to turn my phone off. It’s one of those things everyone does, and everyone hates. It’s like stubbing your toe.

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