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They weren’t actually bits of plastic floating about this time

Friday 18th Mar 2022

My form tutor spoke to me in form about last Friday because the evil receptionist emailed him. She told him I was being a knobhead or something and I told him she was the knobhead. Everyone overheard me. They all agreed though. She is.

We had to decide who sits on our tables at prom. I think we need a minimum of 8 people. We had a bit of trouble with the numbers. We included all the people in our friend group, but there still weren’t enough. One of the people in our friend group is really fat, so I said he could take up 2 seats to solve the issue.

At break, Jack told me about a noise where if you listen to it, it makes you need to take a shit. He told me he listened to it and after about 30 minutes, he needed to take a shit. I think I might try it out for a laugh. He said I should play it while I sleep so that I shit the bed. I don’t think that would be very funny for me at that point.

Speaking of shit, I saw a teacher walk out of the toilet. He had toilet paper stuck to his shoe. I didn’t tell him, so I just watched him walk into his lesson with toilet paper on his foot.

Had a history exam today. It was my last exam. It went terrible. I accidentally wrote about the wrong extract, so I had to scribble out and rewrite an entire page.

I accidentally tripped over. I don’t know if anyone saw. I tried to do that thing where you start skipping to try and make it look natural. I have no idea if it actually works or not.

I saw two butterflies dancing about together. They weren’t actually bits of plastic floating about this time, so that was nice. They looked pretty.

When I got home, I noticed there are a bunch of ladybirds in my house. I don’t know if they have a time of year where they come out or not. Anyway, they were everywhere. I keep having to put them outside. I think I might get fed up letting them outside soon because there are so many and they probably keep coming back. I think I’ll just let the rest get stuck in my carpet and get eaten by my dogs or something.

It's Edward’s party tomorrow. We’re going bowling. I’m quite excited.

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