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Thought I'd write a poem about the storm

Monday 21st Feb 2022

It’s half term now, so I don’t have school for an entire week. Great, nothing going on for seven days. I’m being sarcastic by the way. It’s hard to be sarcastic if you’re writing it.

Don’t think I’ll continue to do the diary over half term, nothing much to write about.

Thought I’d write a poem about the storm.

“Bins flying around because Storm Eunice gave them wings.

Saw a trampoline up there too, held together with springs.

My trampoline didn’t fly off though because it’s cemented to the ground.

Gypsies stole our last one, it was nowhere to be found.

Storm Eunice is knocking over trees.

Thought I recognised a girl at a restaurant, turned out she was Japanese.

Better watch out, Storm Eunice is about.”

I think I can now call myself a poet.

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