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Turned out I had walked in the wrong class.

Wednesday 6th April 2022

The bin men don’t come on Wednesdays, but I noticed a bunch of bins laying about on the path while walking to the bus stop this morning. Usually if there’s bins knocked over, it means the bin men left them like that. Maybe they’ve just been left like that since yesterday. Either way, it annoyed me because I had to walk on the road to get around them.

My mate had an operation on his ankle recently because he plays a lot of rugby, and these things happen. He let me mess about on his crutches. I never realised how much balance is needed to work those things. The number of times I fell into a wall was crazy.

He had his foot in a cast. He was complaining about how much his feet stank because he couldn’t wash them because of the cast. Me and my mates had the genius idea to spray deodorant in his cast to fix the smell he was complaining about. He ended up complaining even more because it made his feet cold and sticky. No one’s ever satisfied with anything.

I held the door open for everyone while walking to PE. I didn’t get a single thank you. Ridiculous!

I haven’t been shat on by a bird in ages. I just noticed that. I think it’s because I’ve been choosing to stay under shelter whenever possible. I remember I nearly got shat on while waiting for the bus a few days ago, but it just barely missed me. I’ll try to keep that up.

I got science now. I walked in and sat down. I looked around and thought “Hang on a minute… I don’t know any of these people…” Turned out I had walked in the wrong class. I was let out early from PE, so I walked in on some year 9’s lesson. I was too embarrassed to get up and walk out because that would have attracted more attention to me, so I just sat there and waited for their lesson to end and mine to start. I’m a fucking idiot.

When my actual lesson started, we got given our physics mock papers back. I actually did insanely well. I got 82%. I think I did the best in my whole class. Maybe I’m not completely retarded after all.

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