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Turned out it wasn't a glue stick

Thurs 3rd Feb 2022

I saw two women at the bus stop today. They both looked like GTA prostitutes.

Had a conversation with Harry about one of those drive through zoos. He told me about a time a monkey ate bits of their car. I don’t like those zoos; monkeys did the same thing to our car.

Luke told me he had a glue stick in his trousers and told me to feel it. Turned out it wasn’t a glue stick. Can’t believe I fell for that.

Edward (the school idiot) told me he gets George Floyd mixed up with Guy Fawkes. He says he gets them mixed up because they have the same initials, GF. I think this is stupid because George Floyd didn’t try to blow up parliament.

In SEN (the learning support place) there was a kid doing beatboxing. He wasn’t very good.

Had an isolation today for forgetting to go round the one-way system due to covid. Reminds me of the time I got an isolation in my old school and ended up eating all the deputy head’s coffee sweeteners out of boredom. One of the boys in isolation was secretly on his phone. He was watching a sexy car wash video. I thought he was a bit weird.

A seagull shat on my knee when I was walking to science. I hate seagulls. That’s the 2nd time in under a month that I’ve had a literal shitty encounter with one. I think they should piss off back to Brighton rather than trying to shit on me.

Told Edward that if he drinks the hydrochloric acid in science, he’d be alright if he wore his safety goggles. Thankfully he didn’t actually do it. Turns out he’s not that retarded.

I’m allowed to say the word “retard” because I’m autistic and it’s like the n-word pass for morons.

Did a bit of research into scratch and sniff underwear to see if it’s already been done and it turns out it is already a thing. I swear everything’s a thing nowadays. I genuinely thought that was an original idea. Some knobhead had beat me to it. Maybe I’m just not cut out to be an inventor. I did see an even worse invention the other day though. Someone had made a wheelchair with pedals. How fucking stupid is that. Yeah, put pedals on a device made for people who can’t use their legs. At least I’m not that dumb.

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