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What a fuss about nothing.

Wednesday 4th May 2022

Happy Star Wars Day! I personally don’t really care that much about Star Wars. I once thought stormtroopers were from Star Trek.

I tried helping a man at the bus stop this morning. His bus arrived and he hadn’t turned up yet. I saw him running round the corner, and I saw the bus start to pull away. I ran to the front of the bus and waved at the bus driver to get him to open the doors and told him a man was coming to get on. The bus driver said “I know” in a really nasty tone of voice for some reason. I never got a thank you from that other man either. That made me sort of angry.

I read another article on the bus. I’m trying to stay well read because I’ve got my English GCSE soon. I read an article about a tank of syrup that collapsed and caused a flood of more than 2 million gallons of syrup. Apparently 21 people died. I don’t know how that happens. I could easily outrun golden syrup. Although, it was in America, so the people probably ran towards it. It happened like 100 years ago, so it’s probably no longer a sensitive subject so I can talk about it.

When I got into form, my mates asked me if I’ve been smoking because apparently I smell like smoke. My brother burnt some popcorn last night and left the burnt popcorn in the kitchen. I spend a lot of my time in there, so that’s probably why.

Had a bit of a predicament today. I have a mate, Oscar. (He’s one of the blokes in my skills class.) I saw him and Grace laughing with each other at break. I thought they were just having a laugh, but one of my mates told me they’ve been getting really close lately and have been sitting next to each other on the bus and stuff, and apparently, he invited her to his house for “revision”. You know what that means. My mate told me they’re apparently dating now. I felt an awful sting in my brain.

I feel miserable. I haven’t felt like this in years. An almost overwhelming feeling of jealousy and some sort of betrayal. He was my mate, and he knew I liked her. I feel like my confidence has been crushed too. That completely fucks over all my plans for prom. My friends caught me crying a bit in art. I must have looked a right pussy.

I have Oscar in my maths class, so I asked him about it then. I asked him if they did anything together, and if they have anything going on. He said they are nothing like that and are just friends. He told me he’s dating some other girl, so he can’t possible be dating her. He showed me the pictures of the girl he was actually dating and said that I shouldn’t worry. That’s a relief. What a fuss about nothing.

Maybe my plans haven’t been fucked then.

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