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Wrote a poem about moss on the floor in a car park

Thursday 17th Mar 2022

Literally fuck all is going on this week. I hate writing nothing. Just to fill space I thought I’d write another poem. I wrote a poem about some moss I saw on the floor in a car park. I know I used it as an example of what a bad poem would be, but I really am starved for ideas.

“Moss in a car park. Snails were eating it.

They were all in a huddle eating the moss in a puddle.

Moss in a car park, brown and green.

It’s the mossiest moss I’ve ever seen.

It looked like it had been stepped on because it was all flat.

The bloke who stepped on it was probably really fat.

Moss in a car park next to some bird poo.

I stepped in that one, it was all over my shoe.”

Would you believe me if I told you that took me 3 minutes to write?

The biology exam I had today was rubbish. Whoever put that paper together was a retard. The paper asked us to refer to a source we weren’t given. It also asked us to explain our answer for a question that wasn’t even included on the paper. That’s not me being a retard and misreading the questions, everyone else had the same issue. I’m honestly surprised they don’t read through the exams before they hand them out.

I just realised you can smell the inside of your nose. Thought that was weird.

At break, we put Jack’s hair in a ponytail because he has long hair. He ended up looking like one of those gay music teachers.

In maths, the girl sitting behind me commented on how veiny my hands were. She was 100% flirting. I told you about how they all have some sort of hand fetish.

I have a drum lesson every Thursday after school. This week’s lesson was cancelled because my dad has COVID. My drum teacher is quite odd. I wonder if he has hair. I’ve never seen it because he’s always wearing a hat. If he does have hair, he probably doesn’t like it because he’s always covering it up.

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