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Wrote a poem about that mummy wearing Adidas trainers.

Thursday 31st Mar 2022

Read an article about a thousand-year-old mummy that was wearing Adidas trainers. Apparently, they found it somewhere in the mountains and it probably died of a head injury. I have no idea how it had those trainers on, because Adidas wasn’t around 1000 years ago. Maybe she was just really good at making shoes and they just happened to be as good as modern-day Adidas. Your guess is as good as mine though.

Thought I’d write a poem about that mummy wearing Adidas trainers.

"Mummy in the mountains, she was wearing Adidas shoes.

Adidas weren’t around back then, might be fake news.

They say she died of a head injury, so a helmet would have been a better decision.

Trainers aren’t gonna help you if you if your head and a big rock have a collision.

Living in the mountains, Adidas isn’t what I’d take.

She clearly thought otherwise, what a silly mistake.

Mummy in the mountains, she’s a thousand years old.

Adidas weren’t around back then, how did she get them if they weren’t being sold?”

We had a room change in skills. We were moved to an art room. There was a large painting of a naked woman. It had it all. Everything except arms and legs because it was that type of art. Like in ancient Greece or something where none of the statues had arms or legs. Anyway, it showed all the interesting bits if you know what I mean. I took a photo of it.

It started snowing. I don’t think it will snow enough for anything interesting to happen though. It’ll probably only snow for about 5 minutes knowing England.

I had finished my skills work, so they gave me an Easter egg to colour in because it’s easter soon and the art department wanted a bunch of coloured eggs or something. When I had finished colouring it in, it looked like a Jimi Hendrix album cover. Very colourful and reminds you of LSD.

I would be looking forward to Easter, but I’m just gonna be worrying about revision the whole time because I’ve got my GCSEs soon after.

I was wrong. It’s still snowing. The thing is though, it won’t settle because the ground is too wet. That just means the snow melts and turns to water as soon as it touches the floor. Might as well not be snowing then. All it means is that I’m freezing and I’m not even getting any proper snow. Rubbish.

We weren’t allowed in the usual break area because the year 10s were having exams in there. This meant I had to stand around in the cold.

Gen had a bandage on her arm in maths. She was showing it off to everyone. I hate Gen, she’s such an attention seeker. Apparently, she had a surgery to have an implant put in that means she can’t get pregnant. Don’t see the point in her getting that, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have sex with her.

Edward brought in a burrito at lunch. He started eating it from the side. The side! You don’t eat a burrito from the side, you eat it from the top. He was eating it like a fucking watermelon. He got filling everywhere. What an absolute idiot!

Edward also brought in something he bought from a charity shop for us to piss around with. He brought in a Batman clock. It was just a normal clock, but with a picture of Batman on it. We had the great idea to take down one of the school clocks and replace it with the Batman one. It might annoy a few people because the Batman clock had no batteries, so it didn’t do anything, but it looked great.

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