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You guessed it, I'm pissed off again

Saturday 2nd July 2022

I should just title this book “Right, you guessed it, I’m pissed off again.” That’s all that’s going on. Here’s an example.

Right, to be honest with you I’m quite pissed off at how many nightmares I’ve been having lately. I don’t usually have dreams, but when I do they always seem to either piss be off, or be not pleasant. Had a dream where I stumbled upon a cult about to eat some bloke, but I interrupted them, so they wanted to kill and eat me too. They never did, but that wasn’t the bad bit. Often the worst bit of things is the anticipation, so that’s what made it bad. I just spent the whole time hiding in the corner of a room, so not only was it kinda scary, but also rather boring and annoying.

It's nothing in comparison to what my mate told me he dreamt about though. He said he had a nightmare where a bunch of vegetarians turned him into some broccoli so they could eat him. Seems like something they’d do if they could.

It’s my little brother’s birthday today, so that’s annoying because he’s loud when he just has one mate over. Let alone like five of them. I dunno what they were doing, but they were screaming and shouting the whole time. The extra annoying bit is that they’re all autistic, so telling them to shut up won’t do anything.

I was going to get my brother a present, but he’s too annoying. Maybe next year if he stops getting on my nerves. I did get him a card though. The card came with a voucher, but he probably wouldn’t want it, so I kept it. I don’t know what it was even for, but I kept it anyway.

My parents ordered Domino’s for lunch for my little brother and his friends. They didn’t finish all of it, so I sneaked a few slices that were left over in the box. I was a bit worried that a few of the children had contaminated it somehow with their child germs. It certainly tasted like they had. Either that, or I just don’t like Domino’s Pizza.

I dunno If I should do these diary entries every day, or only do them on the days where interesting stuff happens. Yeah, I think I’ll do that. I haven’t had much of substance to talk about lately.

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